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D-Link @ MWC 2024

Aperto da Pondera, 25 Febbraio 2024, 17:28:19


From Core to Edge
Manageable Wireless Infrastructure

At MWC 2024, D-Link is ready to unveil our innovations that will unlock infinite connectivity possibilities for your business.
From end-to-end private 5G networks to customizable enterprise infrastructures, comprehensive edge network access solutions and much more,
we will showcase a wide range of network ecosystems that extends beyond your imagination.

More details on the links below:


D-Link Paves the Way for Future Networking Trends at MWC 2024

D-Link presented five key solutions to shape future networking trends:
   1. A three-tier Backhaul Network Solutions composed of core, aggregation, and edge switches, to address key future challenges in network architecture.
   2. End-to-End Fiber Solutions from head-end to user-end, providing excellent connectivity and quality throughout.
   3. High-speed, high-quality Enterprise Access Points for a more stable, efficient, and secure wireless networking environment.
   4. One-stop End-to-End Private 5G Network vertical integration solutions to revolutionize network communication efficiency.
   5. With Edge Gateways for Ubiquitous Access, the realization of the Internet of Everything becomes possible.

For more information about D-Link's exhibition at MWC 2024, please refer to the the link below:


Panoramica dei prodotti per ambiente domestico presentati da D-Link al MWC

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