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DIR-880L: Router Gigabit Cloud Dual Band AC 1900

Aperto da Pondera, 22 Giugno 2014, 10:17:14


Pubblicato firmware DIR-880L Ax 1.20 build 02-01_k27e 20200207.

N.B. Per le versioni precedenti fino alla 1.08 del 2016 occorre aggiornare prima alla versione di transizione 1_DIR-880L_RevA_MiddleFirmware110b01.bin [20180208] contenuta nel pacchetto.

DIR-880L Rev.A Change Note

Firmware: 1.20b0b02-01-k27e
Hardware: Ax
Date: 20200207

Problems Resolved:
1. Fix DHCP Reservation does not update on QoS if LAN IP address of router is changes.
2. Authentication bypass.
2. Authenticated RCE.


Firmware: 1.20b01-01-i3se
Hardware: Ax
Date: 2018/03/28

Problems Resolved:
1. Fix SharePort Plus utility and DLNA access


Firmware: 1.20b01-01
Hardware: Ax
Date: 2018/03/07

Problems Resolved:
1. Update WPA2 security patch



Pubblicato firmware DIR-880L Ax 1.21 build 01 20200518.

DIR-880L Firmware Release Notes

Firmware: 1.21B01 Hotfix
Hardware: Ax
Date: May 18, 2020

Problems Resolved:
- CVE-2019-15126 - KrØØk vulnerability

An issue was discovered on Broadcom Wi-Fi client devices. Specifically timed and handcrafted traffic can cause
internal errors (related to state transitions) in a WLAN device that lead to improper layer 2 Wi-Fi encryption with
a consequent possibility of information disclosure over the air for a discrete set of traffic, a different
vulnerability than CVE-2019-9500, CVE-2019-9501, CVE-2019-9502, and CVE-2019-9503.

The vulnerability affects both WPA2-Personal and WPA2-Enterprise protocols, with AES-CCMP encryption.



DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a device beta software, beta firmware, or hot-fix release which is still
undergoing final testing before its official release. The beta software, beta firmware, or hot-fix is provided on
an "as is" and "as available" basis and the user assumes all risk and liability for use thereof. D-Link does not
provide any warranties, whether express or implied, as to the suitability or usability of the beta firmware. D-Link
will not be liable for any loss, whether such loss is direct, indirect, special or consequential, suffered by any
party as a result of their use of the beta firmware.


Revisionati 1° & 2° messaggio di questa discussione ed aggiornati i collegamenti.

Sembra che qualcuno si sia dato da fare per sistemare il funzionamento dei led del DD-WRT:

P.S. I led si accendono ma se si disabilita ad esempio SOLO la rete a 5GHz la spia relativa non si spegne quindi a questo punto è meglio tutte spente...

gpio disable 14 [5GHz LED on]
gpio disable 13 [2.4GHz LED on]

gpio enable 14 [5GHz LED off]
gpio enable 13 [2.4GHz LED off]

Situazione LED!

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