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DSL-2780 TalkTalk (thread temporaneo)

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Ultimo firmware DSL-2780 TalkTalk.

Fonte TalkTalk Labs
DLink DSL2780 v2.03t Firmware
Last updated on 2013-06-05 16:29:42

TalkTalk Labs are pleased to announce [...] a new version of the D-Link DSL-2780 Router firmware. The [...] firmware delivers the below improvements:

• Auto Wireless Channel Selection by default
• Multiple TR-069 (Remote Management) improvements to help TalkTalk proactively identify faults in the home
• Fix for intermittent iChat issue
• Fix for intermittent iOS wireless issue
• Fix for wireless issues with some Android phones (HTC Desire, Sony Xperia S, Nexus 4)
• Change to show the Summary page first in the router UI


I have this modem from UK's TalkTalk ISP and now I'm trying to use it with a different broadband provider. My username with my broadband provider is my phone number. When I try that I got a message error saying that the user name must be under the form of "[email protected]". In other word it must be something like "[email protected]" or "[email protected]".
Is there a way to use a username that doesn't look like an email address?

I have already tried TalkTalk's firmware v1.12, v1.13, v2.02t and v2.03t.
Also, I tried to install Conceptronic C300BRS4A firmware. But that didn't work. After rebooting the modem, it display a white page asking me to re-install the firmware.
Also, I tried to install the firmware for the D-Link "DSL-2740R" modem but it didn't want to install. I also tried the firmware for the D-Link "DSL-2740B" and that didn't work either.


You have to use only TalkTalk firmwares or you risk to brick your device.

Try if it works:

[email protected]


Citazione di: Pondera il 01 luglio 2014, 14:57:02You have to use only TalkTalk firmwares or you risk to brick your device.

Try if it works:

[email protected]

Hi Pondera
Thanks for your reply.

My ISP uses only "YourPhoneNumber" without  "@YourIspDomain.YourCountryDomain" as the  username, like:

username: 023872934765

Is there a way to write the username without "@YourIspDomain.YourCountryDomain"?


Why don't you try if the workaround I suggested works?


Citazione di: Pondera il 03 luglio 2014, 12:06:05Why don't you try if the workaround I suggested works?

Hi Pondera,

Sorry for the late reply. I have tried your suggestion but it doesn't work. I can't connect to my ISP is I write my username as:

Username: [email protected]

The only format accepted by my ISP is (Username = PhoneNumber) like:

UserName: 0123456789

I have bricked the modem while trying to install OpenWRT, but I recovered by re-installing the TalkTalk one.

As I said before I have also tried to install Conceptronic firmware, the DSL-2740B and DSL-2740R firmware. Is there any other firmware I can try? I don't mind damaging the modem since right now I can't use it anyways.

Or is there any other solution you can think of that forces TalkTalk firmware to access a UserName without @IspDomain.CountryName (force it to accept numbers only).



Citazione di: Pondera il 13 luglio 2014, 16:44:06Who is your ISP?
Hi Pondera,

I'm sure you haven't heard of my ISP since it's local and outside the EU. It is called GAT.

So, is there a way to force this modem to accept a simple phone number without "@ISPDomainName.CountryDomain" as a username or not?

If these is no solution for my request I'll just through away this modem and carry on using the old one.  

Thanks and best,

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