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DHP-1320: Wireless N Powerline Router

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DHP-1320: Wireless 300N Powerline Router
Il router wireless N ibrido powerline che mancava.

Disponibile sui mercati esteri il nuovo router wireless N ibrido powerline che è in grado di condividere la vonnessione internet sia su rete LAN tradizionale che su rete elettrica mediante powerline integrata a 200 Mbit basata su chipset Atheros con standard HomePlug AV.

Expand Your Home Network

High-Speed Powerline And Wireless Networking

enjoy high speed networking over the air or through your home's existing electrical wiring

Share Printers And Storage
shareport offers network access to printers, scanners, and usB storage
D-link's DHP-1320 Powerline router combines the HomePlug AV standard with 802.11n wireless providing a fast and easy way to expand your network to all corners of your home. HomePlug AV offers speeds of up to 200 Mbps, making it an ideal solution for fast internet access, lag-free gaming, streaming video, and VoiP. this router includes three Fast ethernet ports and a simple Connect button for establishing a secure powerline network connection in just a few seconds.

Enjoy Convenient Setup And Secure Operation
the DHP-1320 features two modes of operations - router Mode and Access Point Mode. router Mode receives an outside internet (WAN) connection and transmits it via powerline and Wi-Fi. Access Point Mode creates a Wi-Fi network based on an existing powerline network signal. Both modes offer comprehensive security features that help to prevent unauthorized access to your network. Aes data encryption protects the powerline network from intruder wire-tapping. Meanwhile, modern encryption standards such as WeP, WPA and WPA2 ensure that your data will remain safe when transmitted wirelessly. Dual active firewalls (sPi and NAt) also help to guard against potential attacks originating from the internet.

Save Energy With D-Link Green
D-link Green features for the DHP-1320 include Wi-Fi scheduling, PlC power saving, and power saving by link status. scheduled Wireless allows administrators to configure specific hours when the wireless network will be powered off to save energy and enhance security. PlC power saving shuts down the powerline function when no ethernet activity or wireless connection is detected. Power saving by link status automatically detects the link status of wired devices and reduces the power usage of ports that are idle. A physical power button on the back of the router allows you to turn the device off without unplugging it.

Share Multifunction Printers And Usb Storage
the sharePort™ Network usB utility allows you to connect a multifunction printer to the usB port to share printing and scanning functions among family members. the usB sharePort also supports external hard drives and flash storage for sharing files across your home network.

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