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Appunti sparsi di compilazione firmware router

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Appunti sparsi
di compilazione firmware router


Fonte DIR645A1_GPL101.tar.gz

0. Intriduction

   This file will show you how to build the GPL linux system.
Step 1. Install fedora linux 10 (choose Software Development) on 32bit CPU.

Step 2. Setup Build Enviornment($means command)

 1) please login as a normal user such as john,and copy the gpl file to normal user folder,
 such as the folder /home/john
 2) $cd /home/john
 3) $tar zxvf DIR645A1_GPL101.tar.gz
 4) $cd DIR645A1_GPL101
 5) #cp -rf mipsel_gcc-4.3.3_uclibc- /opt (ps : switch to root permission)

 6) #rpm -ivh ./build_gpl/fakeroot-1.9.7-18.fc10.i386.rpm
 7) $source ./setupenv (ps : switch back to normal user permission)
Step 3. Building the image
 1) $make
 2) $make
 3) $make
 You are going to build the f/w images.
 Both the release and tftp images will be generated.
 Do you want to rebuild the linux kernel ? (yes/no) : yes
      4) there are some options need to be selected , please input "enter" key to execute the default action.
      5) After make successfully, you will find the image file in ./images/.


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Citazione di: 'ambercap'Here are the steps I used:
I downloaded and installed VirtualBox from Oracle (free).
The GPL readme.txt says:
  Install fedora linux 10 (choose Software Development) on 32bit CPU.
Fedora 10 is EOL so you can't find it on their website anymore, but I did manage to find a torrent for this which worked (took about 8 hours to download)!
So I created a new Fedora VM in VirtualBox with 1GB memory installed and 8GB dynamic HDU, with Fedora 10 32-bit, and selected the install options for "Software Development".
After installing system updates, I then followed the remaining instructions exactly:
Copy the DIR645.tar.gz file to ~/
cd ~
tar zxvf DIR645.tar.gz
cd DIR645

Then run su to become root.
cp -rf mipsel_gcc-4.3.3_uclibc- /opt
rpm -ivh ./build_gpl/fakeroot-1.9.7-18.fc10.i386.rpm
Then exit su

source ./setupenv
Then run make 3 times:
Enter yes to build the kernel and choose defaults
F/w will be in ./images/.

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Citazione di: 'Paul2'You can find them here:

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